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U.S. Colo provides more than just a secure space. We can cross-connect customers to over 50 carriers within two days. Our ideal locations in, and near, the One Wilshire building in downtown Los Angeles mean that we occupy some of the most wired territory on earth.

Our Seattle data center also offers a wide range of carriers.

We offer bandwidth from Level 3, InterNap and various other Internet providers at very competitive prices. Or, choose the provider you prefer.

T-1's, E-1's, DS-3's and dark fiber to the Meet-Me-Room are in place and immediately available. More importantly, we have enough well-trained technicians on duty 24/7/365 to keep your circuits running smoothly and reliably.

Learn more about what U.S. Colo can do for your business. Call us now at 213-689-4600.


U.S. Colo provides:

  • 1/3 and full-sized cabinets.
  • Expandable 4'X 6', 5'X 8', and 8'X10' cages and larger.
  • Customized suites.

Build-outs and provisioning begin immediately upon order because all work is done in-house. Customers decide the degree of U.S. Colo's involvement in the set-up process.

  • AC Power - available in 15, 20, 30 (or more) amps@110VAC, with generator back-up.
  • DC Power - available in 20, 30, 50 (or more) amps with full battery back-up.
  • UPS service - available in some facilities or portable units can be provided.

Using late-model equipment generally saves money by providing a smaller footprint. Additional savings can be achieved by purchasing pre-owned equipment when available.

"When choosing a co-location provider, always check their occupancy rate. Having more customers guarantees stability and often brings greater profitability to you."

Cross - Connections

U.S. Colo's support personnel are experts at cross-connecting and provisioning:

  • T-1's
  • E-1's
  • DS-3's
  • Fiber
  • Internet
  • FastE lines

Technical staff are also certified to work on:

  • Cisco Equipment
  • NACT Switches
  • Excel Switches
  • SysMaster products
  • Various Operating Systems - UNIX / NT / Linux / Fedora Core / BSD / Etc.
  • Quintum
  • Nextone
  • Other Products

A web based ordering/tracking/monitoring system provides fast provisioning; on-time service delivery and "early warning" trouble reports.

U.S. Colo personnel can guarantee circuit and bandwidth turn-ups within hours. Repairs and reboots start almost immediately.*

* Excepting circumstances beyond our control.

Network Highlights
  • Multiple high speed BGP Tier-1 uplinks.
  • Cisco and Brocade powered.
  • Network and IP services operability monitoring.
  • Bandwidth monitoring (MRTG type) with usage graphs available to customers over the web.
  • Core routing in every location.

Because needs vary, our customers retain the right to connect to their IP provider of choice. U.S. Colo will cross-connect customers to any provider with a Point Of Presence in the One Wilshire MMR and most other POPs located in the downtown Los Angeles area.


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